Eliezer Stahl Home Sale and Rental


Eliezer Stahl has a house for sale and a house for rental!

He can be contacted at 2estahl@gmail.com (see the below picture)!

The Theme Forest template that might look nice is:


He also has another email just for these items, Eliezer@gonorthwork.com, and he is looking forward to your contact!

His rental home is listed with yad2.co.il:


The house purchase is listed with Remax in Karmiel:


Please leave a comment here if you have questions or want more information even!

For boring reference material concerning options for a fully professional website to describe the available options, select http:///www.gonorthwork.com/eliezer/research !

Also, you can see some pictures of his apartment and also a house up the street here:

Image0067 Image0068 Image0069 Image0070 Image0071 Image0072 Image0074 Image0075

Notice that the house up the street has a professional website listed at the bottom, like the kind we are trying to setup now!   The neighborhood is nice as you can see from this house up the street!

Image0077 Image0076

I dropped by this morning to get some better pictures to get an idea of how his house can get marketed even better.  For example, that house above has a very nice banner (it could be better, but it is a very good start):


Table of Banner Pictures (in Stereo for 3-D Viewing!)
 Image0084  Image0085
 Image0086  Image0087
 Image0077  Image0076

To check out the marketing side, there is now a new Hebrew-only directory website.  Most website names are in English so it is really hard for Hebrew speakers to remember them.  This one only has one English "word" being .com!


In any case, the listing there is  http://www.קיצור.com/דירה

I thought of an even better opportunity to market the house with its own domain name and site:


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