Trope for standard Torah Cantalation as Well as for the most Infrequent Tunes


The Hebrew Bible known as the Torah of Moses can be sung according to Cantalation marks above or below the Hebrew words in a Hebrew Bible.  This post references links about how to sing according to these marks.

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Ideally the software would have the function to upload files.

From the references, the following link is already developed that is very useful:

This allows one to upload content to store here.  To reference the content, one uses the name provided with the example here:

The loaded file has the name 2015-02-12T11:42:35+00:00-businesscard1.jpg to reference.

The example file itself this is available to view at:


Remembering Mom, Sylvia Diamond Elliott, and Keeping Her Memory

June, 2012 - Jewish Calendar May, 2017 - Jewish Calendar June, 2017 - Jewish Calendar Sylvia Elliott Obituary - Santa Fe, NM _ Santa Fe New Mexican


The anniversary of my mother's passing away is coming soon, so I have put together some articles that relate to her passing away here.

Note that in future years, days of remembrance of Sylvia Elliott's passing can be looked up, referencing the 20th of Sivan on the Hebrew calendar for that year.

Sylvia Elliott Santa Fe New Mexico Obituary - Yahoo Search Results

Sylvia Elliott Obituary - Santa Fe, NM | Santa Fe New Mexican

June 10th, 2012 - Jewish Calendar (The Day Sylvia Elliott Died is the 20th of Sivan on the Hebrew Calendar)

May, 2017 - Jewish Calendar (The Date this Post was Published)

June 14th, 2017 - Jewish Calendar (Her Jewish Memorial Date, also the 20th of Sivan on the Hebrew Calendar)

Jewish calendar (pdf format) for the day she died:

June, 2012 - Jewish Calendar

Jewish calendar (pdf format) for the day of her remembered passing this year:

June, 2017 - Jewish Calendar

Jewish calendar (pdf format) for the day the post was published:

May, 2017 - Jewish Calendar

My USA telephone number is currently (347) 281-7904.  I called my mom's (only sibling) sister Donna Cover, and I left a message to get more information.  I could not find a telephone number for Billy (Willaim) Nathan Kavesh, her cousin.  By my best recollection, the following table is correct:


My Mother's Hebrew Name Her Daughter Her Father Her Mother
My Mother's Hebrew Name and Names of Her Relatives
שושאנה בת לאה שושאנה בת שושאנה בנימין בן לבי הלבי לאה בת שרה
Shoshana Bat Leah Shoshana Bat Shoshana Binyamin Ben Levi Ha Levi Leah Bat Sarah

Go North Work Website Currently under MS Construction בס'ד


This is the Go North Work website currently under MS construction.   The Go North Work website is getting setup in the under construction phase.

Currently a Word-Press Theme is being identified, and initial email addresses are in place.

The central idea is that networking is essential to make rapid progress to take advantage of opportunity.   For those working, not working, or thinking about working, this would be the page for you!

Contact for more information about how you can contribute to this very important effort.

Right now we would like support with:

1.  The cost of full web-site setup.  If you are interested in making a donation, please let us know at so that account can get fully established.

2. Getting initial content up-and-running so that possible investors can better understand the concept and understand why it is valuable to support.

3.  Currently the site is still under MS Construction until the cost of full site setup has complete investment behind it;  your input is valuable to help reach the goal!

4.  Support is essential to help the economy as well as to support those interested in true freedom locally as well as around the world!  Your patriotism as well as patronage is greatly appreciated and important!

5.  Please post comments.  Your feedback is extremely important. (See the very bottom of the page and click "Leave a Comment"!)

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