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This page has information about the C Plus Plus Programming Language as well as resources for those wanting to learn or program in the language.

Please feel free to submit comments with any additional relevant information!

6 thoughts on “C Plus Plus Programming Language Resources”

  1. Below are some nice resources for C Plus Plus Programming:

    1. A nice review article about the free C++ programming options "15 Essential Compilers and IDEs for C/C++ Programmers"


    2. Code Blocks: I have used this compiler before and I had some really good results with it. Microsoft also has a free compiler but I was up-and-running with Code Blocks before when doing some profession work programming around the Image MagicK++ library for manipulating images. I had most items working fine using the code blocks c++ compiler.


    3. I have to admit that the concept of documenting
    code on a website as a project is very nicely
    done for the Magick++ from imagemagick.org ;
    it is a little bit humorous to read about the long-haul, but nonetheless as a programming and documentation, I remember it being excellent!


    4. Stack Overflow is a website with interesting information almost always. This article was nice:

    I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate and I want to know what is the best C++ compiler for my Windows. On Linux I use gcc and g++.


    5. Some nice memories from days long gone... I remember paying a lot of money for the Borland C++ compiler when I was in college and more recently looking at how pretty the CD's look in the sunshine.

    In any case, I found a link that is interesting. I am not sure if the information is current, though!


    6. Visual C++ Article from Wikipedia:


    7. Nice general article about the free country C++ compilers

    "Free C/C++ Compilers and Interpreters"


    8. Windows 7 understands the importance of being able to use external memory so has marketed ReadyBoost


    9. Getting Started Writing Windows Drivers


    It is a very nice overview article, basically recommending purchasing Visual Studio professional and going to http://www.microsoft.com/wdk/

    9. Windows 8.1: Download kits and tools

    1. More information about the Borland Compiler:
      1. The Borland Compiler is a command-line compiler apparently useful for learning basic C++; it has the advantage of being simple to use for that purpose; if there is indeed a single cpp file that needs its input and output, that still might be a choice way to go, skipping on the windows glits and going straight for what the compiler need to do. For example, if the compiler needs to process a file or something, a full windows implementation could be over-kill.

      There were a few interesting articles here about it!

      Borland C++ Compiler version 5.5 Free Download Is Here !!!

      Borland C++ compiler from C programming . com your resource for C and C++ programming


      From Wikipedia, "Borland C++"

      Borland C++ compiler




      OWLNext: C++ Application Framework
      Borland's Object Windows Library for the modern age

      Wiki Main Page

      http://sourceforge.net/p/owlnext/wiki/OWLNext_Tutorials/ Getting started tutorials

      Examples OLW Next with Windows

      Animated Clock Example

      http://www.jahanshahi.ws/owl.htm Better Examples with zip file downloads OWL/OWLNext

  2. Great opportunity to develop these websites:

    I just mentioned to Chaim that the following websites really could use some setup and development:

    http://www.קצר.com/ A concept like bit.do except allowing Hebrew
    bit.do does not allow Hebrew Short names currently

    http://www.thecplusprogrammer.com/ A website demonstrating the The C Plus Programmer Word Press Template, starting with a landing page.

    These are both excellent opportunities to take advantage of. Call me at 0523798402 to get assistance getting the landing pages set and basic marketing in place!

  3. Just to mention: the above websites were not taken at the time of writing. One can expect them to be taken soon so this is very much a limited time opportunity!

  4. Just to also mention http://www.theprogrammer.com is a website that has some links even to programming jobs. Generally, I think there is a lot to improve upon with the website.

    Message to http://www.domains.org/ the listed domain name information holder at the bottom right

    I noticed that the domain name http://www.theprogrammer.com links to you, under domain name information at the bottom right. Do you have the contact information for the domain name owner, or are you the owner? It looks like there might be some opportunity to improve the website; perhaps additional resources might be available from the right investor. Please email back!

    If you are the domain name owner and the site is developed, it is probably worth a lot more as a domain name, well more than the cost of development!

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