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I did find a couple of interesting example website "themes", frameworks for website construction:
Note: hopefully you can see this with your phone even with the narrow table width!

Although the categories need changing, I think the "4 Children with Love" idea is compelling: a few example children who get assistance, and how - easily adaptable to special needs "4 Special Needs Children with Love".

  • Obviously "Child Prison" can be renamed and talk about institutional care, motivating a parent with a child in the institution to see in-home placement.
  • The idea behind "Violence" is addressing problematic children who are with parents who are unable to care for them.  There is probably some better term, but the idea is to address children in existing families.
  • "Lack of Water" could be changed also, but there is a nutritional aspect to special needs that cannot be overlooked. Renaming this to "Lack of Nutrition" might be better. The idea is to address basic approaches that can be taken inside the home. For us, cauliflower and broccoli can dramatically change a child's behavior for instance - basically basic tips for parents who want to avoid the placement of their children elsewhere.

Source: http://wplift.com/theme/4-children

Once introduced, the next section is "Call to Action" as well as introducing key resources involved and what they do so people with special needs can get help by contacting these resources. The events leading to action are highlighted and may not be as dramatic as "River Floods"; but the concept is that some key events triggers action.
Source: http://streetsmash.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/alms-.jpg
One idea of something for helping special needs
children setting up weddings. It is not ideal, but it can be reworked with new pictures easily and new text also which is what is important! This could be set up for each couple for example!  (Obviously, the photographs get changed for the better!)
Source: http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com/forums/threads/weddings-website-template.20305/
There are a number of specializations in terms of
helping special needs children... this way of presenting it might reach a lot of people! Especially in terms of sponsors, this might be the way to go to start out top-level with charity for children and then focus on special needs children so the sponsors can take other slots.
Source: http://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/43375.html

For detailed information, see:



Also see this video of a special need wedding:

One thought on “Special Needs Chaya Ben Baruch”

  1. בס'ד

    Hello Chaya,

    I also had this other idea for your special needs website. It is possible to have a web page for special needs children.

    For example, see this example link:


    He has just recently become a very talented artist, being not just autistic but also artistic, and quite an artist at that!

    Also, he has his own contact page. In principle now, relatives, teachers or anyone could send an update. The update itself is only public upon parent approval and the cell phone of course here reaches his answering service.


    I am looking forward to the You-tube link to you video so I can see it. Like you said, pictures can be taken from your video optimally for the website!

    Thank you,

    Stephen Elliott

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