There are a lot of different ideas for transportation:

The following links might be interesting (for cycling in to work with an electric vehicle):  The innovative and original idea of a modest swimwear line  An article with several fashion links

Plus, regarding the vehicle concept, I had this thought of something like:


Just recently we are finishing up a very nice website for Menachem Weiss who has Kosher wine without sulfites - it makes a world of difference!

Example website:

It might be nice to setup a website for something like this concept too!


Karmiel Taxi Contact


Yaniv did a fantastic  job of not just getting a large group of people to the destination but also for a small fee recovered and delivered the luggage that we forgot inside the back trunk.  Thank G-d for Yaniv’s wonderful service.

Business Card for Yaniv at Taxi of the King’s Son מונית הנסיך

Additional Transportation in Jerusalem

There are additional taxi drivers who are available by phone or else by flagging-down for example at the Central Bus Station or else at other popular areas in the city.

One can contact friends for the telephone numbers, also, to contact the cabs directly.  Speaking Hebrew well is often an important plus for such phone negotiations about the arrival time and price for example.

Alternatively one can draw a map of the neighborhood in the city and walk.

Map of the neighborhood in Jerusalem

Egged can be called at *2800 to find out also what busses are going to the planned destination, often costing less and arriving sooner than the other options.






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