Contacts בס'ד


This is the Go North Work website currently under construction. The Go North Work website is getting setup in the under construction phase.

Currently a Word-Press Theme is being identified, and initial email addresses are in place.

The central idea is that networking is essential to make rapid progress to take advantage of opportunity. For those working, not working, or thinking about working, this would be the page for you!

Contact for more information about how you can contribute to this very important effort.

Right now we would like support with:

1. The cost of full web-site setup. If you are interested in making a donation, please let us know at so that account can get fully established.

2. Getting initial content up-and-running so that possible investors can better understand the concept and understand why it is valuable to support.

3. Currently the site is still under MS Construction until the cost of full site setup has complete investment behind it; you input is valuable to help reach the goal!

4. Support is essential to help the economy as well as to support those interested in true freedom locally as well as around the world! Your patriotism as well as patronage is greatly appreciated and important!

5. Please post comments. Your feedback is extremely important!

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  1. Irit Translates from Hebrew to English. You can find out more about her with the below picture card....

    Transcribed to text,

    Irit 0523427952
    Teacher Hebrew/English
    Also Translation from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew!

    See: for more information!

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