Egged Complaints


Egged is really good bus service generally.  But sometimes there are some things that go wrong.  This page is about complaints.

The main page link for egged is

Generally one is able to file a complaint in the central bus station.  I for instance filed a complaint that I had a problem that I would be charged for a bus ride to and from a place and then after the weekend was finished, that the ride back was not available.  The clerk at the central bus station office takes down the information, takes a scan and then files the ticket.

This particular complaint is filed under since the problem was with apparently with the card.  Apparently the issue was resolved with the purchase of another NIS 5 Shekel card!  That is except for the money lost.  I have to call Egged to get an update, so I figured it was an opportune time to document the issue in case they need to refer to it more.

Update - June 2nd,  2015

I have a new complaint from June 1st, 2015:  the 2 for 1 issue.  The complaint details for this complaint can be found at

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