Comuter Tips, Screen-Width Conversion from Centimeters to Inches, Optimization and Backup to Upgrade Options

Computers are found almost everywhere. This article provides tips about computers including diagnostic tools, BIOS boot keys, screen-width-conversion between Centimeters diagonal and Inches diagonal.  Finally there is a contact for backup and expansion options.

Diagnostic Tools

Highlighted here are two diagnostic tools, the first for checking the battery of a portable computer.  The second and third test and display the result for both portable and desktop computers.

BIOS Boot for Different Computer Types

Diagonal Screen Width Conversation from Centimeters to Inches

Windows 7 and 10 Optimization of Screen Effects

Connecting the Nexus Keyboard Folio Via Bluetooth

Follow the directions in this link on how to setup the Nexus Keyboard Folio via Bluetooth.

Computer Backup and Solid State Disk Upgrade Service

Yoni Yitzkovitch's Computer Backup And Hard Drive upgrade service for the Batar area only as his core customer base